Forget about 2020, get ready for 2021

End 2020 by taking part in our One Million Step Challenge.
Register with a virtual team of 4 and try to collect 1.000.000 steps during the last 4 weeks of 2020. You can win great prizes!

Use the code KM4Studentensport to enroll.

What is it? 

To give students and staff of higher education a physical and mental boost, we organize

Move Together & Feel Better - One Million Step Challenge.

With a virtual team of 3 fellow students or colleagues, you will try to collect a million steps during the last 4 weeks of 2020. The challenge is for free for students and staff of the higher education.

Everyone can help to reach the goal, because every step counts. You can take your steps at home, while cooking, during the break of a class, on your way to the bakery, during a relaxing walk in the woods or on an intensive run.

Do you want to start 2021 fit?



Registration: from 26 november 2020 - Use KM4Studentensport to enroll

Start challenge: 3 December 2020 -  You can also join later
End of challenge: 31 December 2020 - At the countdown to 2021



Together with all high schools & universities, Studentensport Vlaanderen, wants to prepare you for a fun and healthy 2021. 

Even if you’re at home, it is important to take an active break regularly. Make time each day for activities that help you relax.

The challenge will also help you and your teammates to stay connected.

Together we will go for it to reach our goal.



What can you win?

Everyone has a chance to win great prizes.

Prizes will be raffled among all participants who reach the goal.

For the competitors among us, we have a little extra. The top 10 of the teams with the highest number of steps will have a chance at an extra prize.

In addition, all teams that reach the goal will receive a unique digital medal.
Share this medal with pride on your social media with #letsmoveourbutts.

The prizes you can win are: